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Easy to cultivate and strong 

This waxy, tasty table potato is popular with potato lovers. Besides its productivity and resistance, it is a lovely variety for the grower. Musica is an early, multi-purpose variety that can also be utilized by the chilled fresh industry and has a nice skin. 

YieldVery high
Underwater weight361
Dry matter %19,9
MaturityMedium early
Virus Y (*1)4
Late blight (*1)1
Tuber shapeLong Oval/Oval
Skin colorYellow
Flesh colorYellow
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro1 (*1)5
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro2/3 (*1)4
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa2 (*1)3
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa3 (*1)2
Wart Disease wz 1 (D1) (*1)5
Wart Disease wz 2 (G1) (*1)1
Wart Disease wz 6 (O1) (*1)1
Wart Disease wz 18 (T1) (*1)2

(*1): 5 = resistant, 1 = very susceptible 


▪ Dark yellow colour waxy potato 
▪ Productive, middle-early variety and resistant against Yntn-virus and a range of potato fatigue causers (A, B, C and D) 
▪ Multi-functional, also for the chilled fresh industry 
▪ Do not pre-germinate and to keep the nice skin, do not let crop die naturally