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Revolutionising the salad potato market 

Jazzy is a second early variety that produces very high numbers of white skinned long oval tubers with light yellow flesh, well suited to the production of a quality punnet crop. Jazzy tubers have excellent culinary qualities, can be cooked in a variety of different ways, and can be utilised from fresh lifted, and throughout the storage season. Resistance to Common Scab is good, although Jazzy is susceptible to Foliage Blight and PCN. 

Underwater weight340
Dry matter %18,8
DormancyVery short
Bruising index (*1)6
Second growth (*2)6.7
Common scab (*2)6.6
Late blight (*2)2.8
Tuber shapeLong
Percentage 50/+19
Percentage 40/7061
Skin colorCream
Flesh colorLight yellow
Eye depthVery shallow
WashabilityVery good
Internal defects %1
Hollow heart %0
Cooking type FebruaryFirm
Fry Colour fries October (8°C)4
Fry Colour fries February (8°C)3
Fry Colour fries May (8°C)3
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro1 (*2)3
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro2/3 (*2)
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa2 (*2)
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa3 (*2)
Wart Disease wz 1 (D1) (*3)10
Wart Disease wz 2 (G1) (*3)7
Wart Disease wz 6 (O1) (*3)7
Wart Disease wz 18 (T1) (*3)8

(*1): 0= none, 50 = severe 
(*2): 9 = resistant, 1 = very susceptible 
(*3): 10 =resistant, 3 = very susceptible 


▪ Extremely numerous and even sized 
▪ Excellent culinary properties 
▪ Low risk of bruising 
▪ Can be stored throughout the season