Lady Amarilla French fry

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Flexible use with year-round quality 

Lady Amarilla is an early maincrop variety that produces good yields of oval to long oval yellow fleshed tubers, with shallow eyes. Tuber quality and processing ability is high, due to stable dry matters, low sugar content, and good resistance to bruising. Lady Amarilla can be processed off the field through long term storage, providing a high degree of flexibility for both the grower and processor. 

Lady Amarilla
Underwater weight406
Dry matter %22,1
MaturityMedium early
Bruising index (*1)3
Second growth (*2)7.4
Common scab (*2)6.5
Late blight (*2)4.0
Tuber shapeOval
Percentage 50/+74
Percentage 40/7089
Skin colorDark yellow
Flesh colorLight yellow
Eye depthShallow
Internal defects %0
Hollow heart %1
Fry Colour fries October (8°C)8
Fry Colour fries February (8°C)8
Fry Colour fries May (8°C)8
Fry Colour fries June (4°C)7
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro1 (*2)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro2/3 (*2)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa2 (*2)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa3 (*2)1
Wart Disease wz 1 (D1) (*3)10
Wart Disease wz 2 (G1) (*3)7
Wart Disease wz 6 (O1) (*3)7
Wart Disease wz 18 (T1) (*3)7

(*1): 0= none, 50 = severe 
(*2): 9 = resistant, 1 = very susceptible 
(*3): 10 =resistant, 3 = very susceptible 


▪ Early maturity and good storage properties ensure a long shelf life
▪ Low reducing sugars and stable fry performance 
▪ Can be stored at cooler temeratures for ultimate longevity without jepardising fry colour 
▪ Gourmet quality fry and flavour 
▪ Stable dry matter and low risk of bruising