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Crisping variety with high yields

High yielding, maincrop crisping variety suitable for long term storage. Uniform round shape, pale fry colours, high dry matter and low defect levels deliver high crisp yields. Independent testing has confirmed the production of extremely low levels of acrylamide during processing.

Skin colorCream
Flesh colorCream
Tuber shapeRound
Eye depthShallow
Smoothness of skinSmooth
Foliage blight (*1)4
Tuber blight (*1)4
Blackleg (*1)5
Common scab (*1)9
Powdery scab (*1)
Silver scurf (*1)
G. Pallida Pa 2/3,1 (*1)4
G. Rostochiensis Ro1 (*1)9
Virus Y
Skin spots (*1)
Dry rot (*1)6
Bruising (*1)5
Splitting (*1)7

(*1): – – no information, 9= resistant, 1= very susceptible


▪ Olympus can be planted early into warming soils and has good resistance to powdery scab
▪ Olympus has a very stable sugars profile and is suitable for both off-the-field use and long-term storage
▪ Variety has very good resistance to internal defects and damage
▪ Variety can produce high yields unirrigated and performs well in hot climates