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Foundation for the crisps industry through guaranteed quality 

Lady Claire can be used all year round, making this potato attractive for the crisping industry. Lady Claire maintains excellent fry colour right through to the new season providing a trustworthy supply of raw material. Its high dry matter content and its early maturity make it possible to choose an optimal time for harvest. 

Lady Claire
Underwater weight436
Dry matter %22
MaturityEarly/Medium early
DormancyMedium long
Bruising (*1)8
Spraing (*1)7
Common scab (*1)5
Powdery scab (*1)8
Late blight (*1)3
Virus A (*1)9
Virus X (*1)7
Virus Y (*1)4
Tuber shapeRound oval
Skin colorDark yellow
Flesh colorLight yellow
Eye depthShallow
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro1 (*1)9
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro2/3 (*1)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa2 (*1)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa3 (*1)1
Wart diseaseResistant

(*1): 9= resistant, 1= very susceptible


▪ Crisping variety that can be used year-round 
▪ The transparent skinned tubers are round-oval and easy to peel 
▪ Long storage possible at a temperature of 6oC 
▪ Allow seed potatoes to wake up before planting 
▪ Needs robust blight programme 
▪ Susceptible to magnesium deficiency