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Excellent crisping potato for sandy soils  

Thanks to its early ripening and long shelf life, the Lady Britta variety is well suited for crisps processing. The consistent low sugar content in the tuber ensures that it has a long storage capacity. Lady Britta has a high return during crisps processing. 

Lady Britta
Underwater weight449
Dry matter %24,1
DormancyMedium long
Y-virus (*1)4
Late blight (*1)2
Tuber shapeRound
Skin colorYellow
Flesh colorDark yellow
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro1 (*1)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro2/3 (*1)
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa2 (*1)1
Potato Cyst Nematodes Pa3 (*1)1
Wart Disease wz 1 (D1) (*1)5
Wart Disease wz 2 (G1) (*1)2
Wart Disease wz 6 (O1) (*1)2
Wart Disease wz 18 (T1) (*1)

(*1): 5= resistant, 1 = very susceptible 


▪ Easy to process directly off the land 
▪ Long shelf life thanks to low sugar content in the tuber 
▪ Crisping variety has a deep-yellow colour, shallow eyes 
and a uniform sorting size 
▪ Gives high results during processing to end product 
▪ Extremely suited for growing on sandy soilss